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Digital Slate

Kiosk is a multifunctional equipment which is having varied applications for accessing information. Kiosk designed is sleek & smart but an extremely rugged device with inbuilt computing system and touch screen LED display. It provides an attractive and engaging platform with a 19” Touch Screen LED to spotlight your self-service application. While the visual focus is on sophisticated consumer presentation, the design houses a full array of information components with highly interactive features.

Interactive Pannel

The interactive panel screen with fantastic interactive capabilities to heighten learning and presentation experience from a lectern, podium or tabletop. It transforms your computer screen into an interactive panel screen allowing you to annotate over lessons, presentations and navigate your computer with a wireless pen.

Mimio Device

Mimio is the perfect high tech mobile presentation solution for all travelling businessmen, freelance trainers, educators and presenters. What makes it such an awesome gadget is the fact that is totally portable.

Don’t worry about installing big white flat surfaces and projector screens for your presentations!

With mimio you can deliver presentations on any surface you want and make it magically interactive too. The mimio is a Smart, Interactive Digital Whiteboard optimized for both lectures and Presentations. Simply connect it to a computer and a Projector and you are all set to go!

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