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DLP Projectors

DLP has a long history of projection innovations starting with their first mainstream projector introduced in 1996 to the industry’s first interactive technology capable of the most touch point demonstrated in 2013. DLP technology features unique innovations that ensure precise color and outstanding readability to benefit multiple markets, including education, business and home.

Today, DLP is the #1 projection display technology and recognized worldwide for its reliability, brightness and low cost of ownership. DLP technology is definitely IN A CLASS BY ITSELF.

Multimedia Projectors

The term multimedia projector is perhaps the broadest, most encompassing term in the projector world, and implies that projectors have evolved to do pretty much everything!

Technically, multimedia projectors range from the smallest pico projectors to the heftiest 100 lbs.+ large venue projectors. Therefore, to put it simply, basically every projector is a multimedia projector nowadays.

Although the category of multimedia projectors is a giant basket that includes virtually every projector out there, it is still a popular search engine term.

So narrow your search and try specifics. Check out home theater projectors, business projectors, education projectors, portable projectors, 3D projectors and pico projectors (just to name a few)!

Interactive Projectors

Interactive projector technology encompasses solutions that enable the user to actively participate with the projected image.

Typically the presenter is allowed to interact with either the projected image, the projector, or in some cases another device. Interactive Projectors essentially mimic the function of an interactive whiteboard on any surface where the image is projected. This allows the presenter to interact with the projected image using an electric or mechanical stylus and often simply a finger.

Some interactive projectors allow user generated information to be captured, replayed, printed or copied with or without the original projected image. Use 'Sort by' to sort these reports by features that are important to you.

Internet Projector

An integrated projector, computing engine with the ability to convert 2D to 3D content supplied with sleek wireless keyboard/mouse combo. It is just a single solution to the smart class setup with the inbuilt in computer it can replace the interactive board along with the computer.


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